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IQzic Ambassador For Your College/University

This is a great opportunity to earn a solid references and gain hands on startup experience on a flexible schedule for doing something really fun --discovering music. If you love music, live on a college campus, and want to be able to be part of the future of music. Learn more here...

Entrepreneur Development Opportunity (This opportunity is closed)

  • Are you passionate about music?
  • Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
  • Learn multiple disciplines necessary to run a business.
  • Work with a geographically diverse group of high performers.
  • Earn equity in a company with amazing potential.
  • Shape the future of the way startups operate.

IQzic, a CT based startup, is looking to fill a few key positions with talented, energetic, self-driven individuals with entrepreneurial spirit. This opportunity is one-of-a-kind and will be competitive and filled quickly. The candidates accepted for this position shall:

  • Have an opportunity to earn equity in a new company
  • Turn your love of music into positive change for the music industry
  • Take part in an entrepreneurial mentoring program to help develop the competencies needed to create your own business
  • Gain access to a potential pool of equity that shall be designated for the development of new companies that spawn from your ideas and expertise
  • Apply your core competency to develop new and innovative business processes, metrics, and drive results

A. We are looking for exceptionally bright individuals who live in or have commuting access to the major music markets in the US including:

  • LA
  • SF
  • Seattle
  • Nashville
  • Austin
  • NY
  • Chicago
  • Portland
  • New Orleans
  • Other hubs will be considered

B. That have demonstrated competency, education and/or experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Operations & Business Process Management
  • Analytics, Statistics, Big Data
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Legal (ideally entertainment related)

C. One or more of these desired skills:

  • Writing Copy
  • Social Networking
  • Trade Show Mojo
  • Music PR & Promotion
  • Music Production
  • Google, Facebook, YouTube Analytics
  • Photoshop
  • Video editing
  • Software
    • Html & CSS
    • Javascript & JQuery
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Apache
    • Mobile Technology
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Streaming Technology
  • Excel (for real excel)
  • PowerPoint

D. And:

  • Loves discovering music!
  • Is current on facets of music culture

Detailed description of opportunity

Like all entrepreneurial endeavors, this opportunity is a balance of risk and reward.

Job Description

As with any startup, all hands are on deck. That said, each candidate will be assigned a functional area (e.g. finance, marketing, tech...) wherein they will be responsible for building and maintaining all business processes associated with the functional area. Candidates shall also spend approximately 25% of their time focused on customer acquisition, networking, and promotion, primarily in their geographic area. Candidates shall also have at least one active project at any given time that supports a function outside their competency so they can broaden their experiences on all facets of the business.


For successful candidates, the upside of this opportunity includes earned equity in IQzic and hands-on experience in building a company. Opportunities exist to participate in multiple facets of the company and learn a variety disciplines to help round out your experience. Should the company is succeed (see note 1), there will be opportunities created to apply for funding to launch your own venture in the future.


Your risk will be that during the initial few months and until pre-seed funding is secured (see note 2), you will work on a part-time basis of 20 flexible hours per week without monetary compensation (see note 3). Upon a successful funding round, your full-time salary compensation equivalent will start at 85% market rate commensurate with your skills, experience, geography, and position until either profit is generated or funding is exhausted. Additionally you will earn equity in IQzic at a rate to be disclosed to successful candidates. Upon successful funding, you will be expected to resign any existing employment and dedicate 100% of your effort to IQzic.

Defining Leading Edge Business Practices

One goal of the IQzic Entrepreneur Development program is to explore new frontiers of virtual teams, domestically and internationally, and become a thought leader on this topic. The founder has successful international experience with various companies and projects, and intends to apply and improve upon current practices. Bringing the world together through shared experiences in music, work, and social awareness is a strategic priority. Proactively sharing our best practices, lessons learned, methodologies, and relationships will be the responsibility of all Team Members.

  1. IQzic's goal is to create better music experiences for all who love music. Although it cannot be guaranteed, it is the intention that through this entrepreneurial development program, candidates with 5 years tenure at IQzic will have the experiences necessary to be successful in launching their own endeavor. Should IQzic be in a position to do so, 5% of the company will be set aside to be used for investment in any company a successful candidate wishes to launch, given it meets the investment criteria approved by the board.
  2. Obtaining funding will largely be predicated upon creating early traction. The ability to obtain funding is not guaranteed.
  3. Candidates in this program will earn equity in the company as a function of time with the company, specific terms of which will be provided to successful candidates.

How to Apply

Potential candidates must complete the following actions to be considered for this opportunity:
  1. Be sure you meet the requirements of section A thru D above
  2. Create an account on IQzic, create a playoff of 28 days or more in a genre of your liking, and have 10 people join that playoff. Select (IQ) a minimum of 3 tunes for that playoff.
  3. Fill out the application below
  4. Provide contact information for at least one reference willing to speak to your character
  5. Send your resume and optionally a cover letter to hr@iqzic.com
Upon completion of the above, your resume will be reviewed, and you will be informed as to whether a follow-up call will take place. Should the call be satisfactory to IQzic and the candidate, a follow-up reference call will be made in addition to the candidate filling out a leadership screening questionnaire. If there remains interest at that point by both parties, a final call/meeting will be scheduled and a decision made shortly thereafter.