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Contact us with a question or suggestion at: support@iqzic.com

IQzic is a music discovery ecosystem that allows social games, group discovery, and crowd curated playlists.

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Phase I of IQzic is simply a place where leading edge listeners and fans will gather.

Phase II IQzic offers three unique advantages to artists (later 2015):

  • First, the fans who love your music will be able to support your music directly, which strengthens the relationship between you and your fans.
  • Second, IQzic provides you with useful feedback and data about your fans' listening behavior, such as the average time people spend listening to your track.
  • Lastly, the pre-buying model offsets some of the financial risks artists face in production and ensures an audience/street team to help launch the finished music.

We at IQzic are very excited to connect artists to their fans with as little friction as possible. To make sure we do it right, we will introduce IQzic in a phased rollout. At launch, IQzic will only work with existing YouTube videos. This first phase will help us identify the kinds of artists our users want to hear. In the second phase, we'll work to bring in the artists who match the preferences of the user base, and IQzic will introduce its artist-funding feature.

We don't charge mandatory membership or transaction fees for discovering new music through IQzic.

In the second phase of our launch, fans will be able to purchase an artist's limited-edition demo, which comes with a numbered personalized copy of the finished track when the artist reaches their fundraising goal. IQzic will always notify you before charging your account.

Currently, artists upload their videos to YouTube and make sure they tag them for their appropriate genre(s). IQzic then pulls videos from YouTube based on genre. In the second phase of our launch (mid-2015), artists will be able to also upload their audio/video to IQzic to potentially obtain funding.

These are the Music IQ basics:

  • Music IQ ranges from a low of 40 to a high of 160. The baseline Music IQ in a playoff is always 100.
  • A song's influence on your Music IQ is a function of when you committed to it, how long you're committed to it, and how fast the song is getting viewed, liked, and (after the first phase) bought. Earlier, longer, and faster are better.
  • A song that is getting viewed at a rate higher than your average will eventually raise your Music IQ. A slower-than-average rate will lower your Music IQ. We calculate view rates at least once a day.
  • A song's influence on your Music IQ is weighted increasingly over time. A song that you picked long ago affects your score more heavily than a song you just picked. This means that you should not refrain from picking songs later in the playoff. Get behind any song, any time, if you think is going to do better than your existing average before the end of the playoff.
The concept of IQzic's "music IQ" is one that generally most rewards those that discover a tune within a group of tunes (aka playoff) that was average or below average at the time one gets behind it "IQ it", and grows to be above average or great by the playoff end. The IQ score for any particular song selection considers the following:
  1. The activity of the tune in consideration, relative to the max, min, and average activity of all the other tunes in that playoff
  2. The time, relative to the playoff start and end, that a player commits to a tune
  3. The types of activity, such as views, likes, comments, playtime, mentions on other social media...

  1. Selection or commitment to a minimum of 3 tunes IQ'd prior to playoff end is required to be a playoff winner.
  2. Once committed to a tune, it cannot be undone. The score related to that tune will be considered in all calculations while the playoff is in progress.
  3. The players IQ score for that playoff is permanently recorded upon playoff completion and does not change thereafter.
The winner if a playoff is the player who has the highest IQ (average if each tune IQ'd by the player) at the moment a playoff ends.

  1. In general, if one finds a tune that has yet to break-out and IQ's it prior to it taking off, they will score higher than one who rides a tune that is already performing well.
  2. Choosing numerous tunes lessens the volatility of your IQ score because the algorithm averages them.
  3. The earlier you act, the better your potential...however same goes for the downside if you pick a tune that was popular early on and subsequently falls below the average, your IQ will drop.

Playoff Related:
  1. When a player in the same playoff IQ's a tune.
  2. When a playoff begins.
  3. When a playoff is at its midpoint. (coming soon)
  4. When a playoff is at it's 80% point. (coming soon)
  5. When a playoff ends.
  6. When your playoff position changes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd positions. (coming soon)
  7. When you have been personally invited to a playoff.
Connection Related:
  1. When a friend invites you to connect.
  2. When an invitation has been accepted.
  3. When someone follows you.
  4. When your rank changes between you and your friends. (coming soon)
  5. When a friend is top 3 at a playoff conclusion. (coming soon)
Tune Related:
  1. When a friend or influencer IQ's a tune.
  2. When the rank of a top 10 tune changes. (coming soon)

Other things to know:
  1. Only the creator of a playoff can edit or delete that playoff.
  2. The playoff can only be edited prior to the first tune commitment by any player.
  3. Only players who have joined a playoff can invite others to that playoff.
  4. Private playoffs are only visible to those who accepted invitations.
  5. Public playoffs are visible to everyone and open to anyone.
  6. You can join or quit a playoff at any time, even after the start, up until you IQ your first tune.
  7. In order to be a friend, one needs to accept your invitation. Your real name is only visible to your friends (see profile page).
  8. Anyone can "follow" anyone else.

The playoff is a competitive way for fans to discover and support new music. You pick the genre, set the date to start, and make it public to invite everyone, or private for just those you care to play against. You and your friends compete to discover the most successful new songs during the period of the playoff. The better your songs do, the higher your Music IQ will rise, and the player with the highest Music IQ wins the playoff.

 One of our goals was to create a place where you can comfortably discover music. This means you can do things that show up for all to share, which we refer to as 'Public', and includes creating public playoffs that anyone can join. All tunes that you IQ show up in your personal IQzic area for all to see and share.

You also can create a 'Private' playoff that is invitation. Anyone in a private playoff can invite anyone else prior to start. All tunes IQ'd in a private playoff are only visible to those in that playoff. That said, your overall IQ score does factor in the tunes IQ'd, and everyone can see your overall IQ score that is attached to your 'Public' name.

Your 'Public' name is visible to anyone who you are not friends with, including those who opted to follow you. Your real name is only visible to your friends, and mostly used to allow them to find you on the platform.

Playoffs that do not offer monetary prizes are open to fans of all ages. For playoffs that do offer monetary prizes, the minimum age varies between 18 and 21, depending on which state you live in.

Currently it is optional. You can log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or directly with IQzic. In the future, depending upon YouTube Policy, it may be required that you provide access to that account.

  Your profile page contains your username, your real name and a public name and is only visible to you. Your IQzic friends will be able to see your real name, but it's up to you whether your music picks, friends, influencers, and followers appear to the wider community under your username, public name, or your real name. The default priority is if a public name is provided, the system will display it first to anyone with which you are not connected.

Yes, you can! Keep in mind that the song's contribution to your Music IQ is relative to the playoff and time when it was IQ'd, and will not be the same in each playoff. But re-using a song in another playoff will not affect the record of when you first committed to it. That is, you can still claim for example, about being the 7th fan to get behind the song.

To maintain the fair and competitive spirit of the playoffs, we encourage you to not open multiple accounts on IQzic. Anyone running more than one account will be deleted from our system. If you've forgotten your login info, contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Generally yes. Any playoff that offers a prize, financial or otherwise, is subject to the laws of the country and/or state you live in. Unfortunately, some countries and states are not cool with contests like IQzic, and we respect that. Even if you can't participate in prize playoffs, you can still use IQzic to discover and support new music by buying demos and boosting your Music IQ.
There will also be geographic content licensing restrictions for YouTube and other third-party content providers, and as such, the availability of content to any particular country depends on the underlying licensing restrictions.

Because some playoffs may involve monetary disbursements, we have to be able to confirm that IQzic is abiding by all state and federal regulations. This means we have to stay aware of things like age or geographic restrictions, which require us collecting some of your personal data. We promise IQzic will only use your specific personal information to conduct and administer IQzic-related business.

A Golden ring player is someone who has made an outstanding and remarkable contribution to IQzic's, either by sharing ideas, experience, or financial support. It is our way of acknowledging and thanking them.