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IQzic Wall of Fame

IQzic Wall of Fame

Listed below are some of the amazing people who believed in IQzic when it was still just an idea and a dream. We'd like to acknowledge and thank them for their support.

  • Carrie Friend
  • Allan Cytryn
  • Robert Singerman
  • Javed Pothiawala
  • Adnan Khalid
  • Alex Lototskyy
  • Robert Hutchings
  • Dee Hodson
  • Hunter White

IQzic would like to thank everyone on this list for their unique contributions and support, without which, we would not have gotten this far.

There were a number of people who have contributed in ways tangible and intangible, whom we would like to thank.

Golden Ring - These Players will have a golden ring around their profile picture in acknowledgment of their early belief and backing.

  • Ashley Halsted
  • Puja Arora
  • John P Condorodis
  • Donald Henig
  • Te'o Fleming
  • Thomas J Furey
  • Javed Pothiawala
  • Allan Cytryn
  • Alfred H Williams
  • Michael D Mount
  • Payal Kindiger

Other Contributors

  • A Khalid
  • R Hutchings
  • Michael C Keefrider
  • Daniel Connell
  • Oleksandr Lototskyy
  • Alice Chuang
  • Shahzadi s khalid
  • Danny Hodson
  • Robert Singeman
  • Shane M Hodson
  • Sheheryar Hafeez
  • Prasanta Pal
  • Sophia Rose Hodson
  • Steve Hodson
  • Elena A. Rockman
  • Adam Pacchiana
  • Huda Khalid
  • Bob Hodson